excerpt from Self-Portrait in “e” “r” “i” “c” (2013)

Welcome to the homepage of Eric Goddard-Scovel, where you can learn more about him and his doings. Visit the pages below to find out more about his life, poetry, artwork, and music, as well as his editing and formatting services.

The Blog

Visit What Light Already Light to keep up on Eric’s thoughts, interests, various writings, ongoing projects, and other goings on.

Portfolio / Creative Hub

Page under construction. This page will be the hub for all of the various platforms and profiles that host my publications, artworks, code, and musical compositions. It will also host some of my experiments in software-aided poetry writing environments and methods.

Install Gnoetry 0.2

Interested in using an interactive generative poetry environment to write poetry in collaboration with a machine? Then you should get Gnoetry 0.2. Everything you need to get started is here.

Editing Services

Looking for an editor specialized in dissertation and thesis formatting and editing? I’m your guy. Find out more about my full range of editing, formatting, and document design services here.

Resume / CV

Demonstrating sprints in order to innovate. Build innovation to innovate. Drive outside the box thinking and try to think outside the box.

About Me

Learn a little about who I am, where I’m from, etc.