A 2009 graduate of the MFA program in poetry at Purdue University, Eric Goddard-Scovel currently lives in New York, NY with his wife, Dr. Ekeama Goddard-Scovel, working as a freelance editor. He is originally from Polo, Illinois, a small town not far from the Rock River and 20 miles or so from the nearest surrounding WalMarts.

His artistic work has branched out from conventional poetry since 2009 into digital/interactive writing and art, electronic music, and creative coding.


Email: escovel@gmail.com

Skype Name: escovel

LinkedIn: www.linkedin.com/in/escovel

Other Blogs

  • !poi4′:;!poe’!’;;!mbassy::!oip3′:: – A journal of my activities, thoughts, discoveries and publications. My interests mainly revolve around poetry, music, digital arts, politics, and Buddhism. This blog will be replacing it.
  • Markovian Parallax Generate – deals with a computer program (mchain) I have used to write poetry. It also documents my early experiments with Gnoetry 0.2 and related ideas/processes in digital poetics. If you would like to download and install Gnoetry 0.2 (not a simple task if you don’t run Ubuntu Linux) you can learn about that there as well. E-mail me directly for additional help (see the Contact page).
  • Gnoetry Daily – I currently am an administrator and contributing member (eRoGK7) of the group computer poetry blog Gnoetry Daily.